One you open the shared folder you will see:

1. Subcontractor Folders:

  • Approved Folder contains: Final COIs (once compliant), Certificate of Enrollment, Enrollment Docs and Signed Contract.

  • In Progress Folder contains: Submitted certificates of insurance and endorsements that are still in progress are housed here until all items are submitted, when the COI.

  • Checklist: The checklist contains all items needed for compliancy, items marked with an X indicate an item that is still missing.

2. Enrollment Tracking Gdrive Spreadsheet (and Insurance Tracking Notes Sheet)

  • Enrollment Tracking Gdrive Spreadsheet:

White: In Progress (Still missing or modifying endorsements; status details can be found on insurance tracking summary excel sheet)

Green: Enrolled-COE has been sent and Copy of COE is in “Approved” folder

  • Insurance Tracking Notes Sheet (this sheet/tab can be found at bottom left of the spreadsheet) and contains summary information on all subcontractors; status notes of missing items, insurance expiration dates, and exception made to insurance requirements.