At Steele Risk Services LLC, we perform services to assist our clients in meeting insurer requirements regarding the Wrap Program insurance. The carrier requirements may include the administration of the Wrap Program and a review of our client's company risk management practices.


Steele Risk Services performs services necessary to administer the Wrap Program insurance for a project.

These services may include:

  • Contract language for our client to be incorporated as an addendum to our client’s contracts
  • Customized Wrap Program Insurance manual for our client’s distribution to Wrap Program participants (subcontractors)
  • Sample bid letters for requests for bids from potential Wrap Program participants
  • Form for computation of Wrap Program participants’ contribution to cost of premium
  • Wrap Program Insurance manual for the owner and general contractor
  • Orientation manual for our client's team
  • Presentation at an orientation meeting with our client’s team regarding the Wrap Program in order to familiarize the team with Steele Risk Services' processes and to establish the Wrap Program’s structure
  • Proof of enrollment to our client, Wrap Program participants, and the insurance broker
  • Answers to questions from our client and Wrap Program participants regarding the Wrap Program throughout the course of the project


Where required by the insurer or requested by our client, Steele Risk Services will perform services necessary to conduct a review of our client’s risk management practices and documents. These services may include:

In–person consultant meeting with our client to discuss their experience and history, company operations, organizational structure, contractual agreements, subcontracting practices, safety programs, quality control and customer service procedures

Reviewing for risk management purposes the documents provided by our client, including review of subcontract document, homeowner maintenance manual, safety program manual, purchase and sales agreement, and other relevant legal documents, and making recommendations for improvement

Visit the jobsite of the Wrap Program project when applicable during the construction period in order to review the safety and risk management practices at the time of the survey, and include photos of overall job site conditions

Provide our client and the Wrap Program insurer with written reports of the findings from the risk management review during the office and jobsite surveys

Provide our client and the Wrap Program insurer with recommendations from the survey findings, and guidelines to implement those recommendations


This is an optional service under a separate contract and fee. These services may include:

Provide our client with a budget analysis of projected premium allocation contribution amount from the Wrap Program participants that assists our client in deciding whether to contract for these services

Obtain copies of the Wrap Program participants’ insurance policies and other documents for determining an appropriate allocation of the insurance credit amount

Educate and communicate with Wrap Program participants if the insurance policies do not provide adequate detail or significant pricing information for an allocation to be made 


Insurance Tracking is an auditing service provided to compliment wrap administration or as a separate service. The Insurance Tracking service includes tracking each contractors' insurance for compliance with the contract insurance requirements.  Each certificate and its endorsements are reviewed, stored and managed to ensure that each contractor is compliant with the insurance requirements, preferably before the contractor's starts work on the project, and at the contractor's policy renewals. The Insurance Tracking service provides the highest level of security for contractors, projects owners, and developers as it analyses all endorsements, policy limits, and wrap exclusions found in contractor policies. Our staff works directly with subcontractors and their agents, brokers and underwriters to ensure there is coverage for claims made against all parties involved both on and off the construction site. As a core risk management exercise, this service is highly recommended for those that want an expert review of their contractors' insurance, especially with most contractors having wrap exclusions on their commercial general liability insurance policies that voids their insurance if there is a wrap policy on the project.