Exploring the Steele Risk Services Google Drive System

After you have signed up for your Google Account and added the Steele Risk Services Project folder to your Google Drive, you will encounter this screen. 



Once you open the shared folder you will see:

1. Subcontractor Folders:

  • Approved Folder contains: Final COIs (once compliant), Certificate of Enrollment, Enrollment Docs and Signed Contract.
  • In Progress Folder contains: Submitted certificates of insurance and endorsements that are still in progress are housed here until all items are submitted, when the COI.
  • Checklist: The checklist contains all items needed for compliancy, items marked with an X indicate an item that is still missing.

2. Enrollment Tracking Gdrive Spreadsheet (and Insurance Tracking Notes Sheet)

  • White: In Progress (Still missing or modifying endorsements; status details can be found on insurance tracking summary excel sheet)
  • Green: Enrolled-COE has been sent and Copy of COE is in “Approved” folder
  • Insurance Tracking Notes Sheet (this sheet/tab can be found at bottom left of the spreadsheet) and contains summary information on all subcontractors; status notes of missing items, insurance expiration dates, and exception made to insurance requirements.



If you require a print out of a downloadable document containing the enrollment report, you are now able to download the entire enrollment sheet from the file menu.  Select File > Download as>Any format you need. (see below)


That is all there is to the Steele Risk Services new Google Drive system. 

If you have any questions please send an email to tech@steeleriskservices.com