At Steele Risk Services LLC, we provide superior wrap administration and risk management services for residential and commercial projects. We are independent, and not owned by an insurance brokerage/agency. Our company does not provide brokerage services or place insurance. Steele Risk Services creates a solid basis for administrating a wrap program by having excellent systems and documents with third party legal review. In addition, we provide friendly service you can trust.


Steve Steele is the President of Steele Risk Services. He has done hundreds of wraps and risk management reviews over the years, including over 80 percent of the wraps in the Pacific Northwest. Steve has 20 years of combined experience in the insurance, construction and legal fields, which he applies to wrap administration, surety and risk management.  He is an attorney* with an MBA and has a solid background in and knowledge of risk management and controlled insurance programs.


Steele Risk Services uses state-of-the-art technology in data management that was developed for wrap administration, plus a strong IT team that's knowledgeable about the wrap process. We have a friendly, service oriented administrative team that creates quality documents and gets the job done quickly and efficiently for you.


In summary, Steele Risk Services LLC is your best choice for wrap administration because we offer:

  •  Excellent systems and documents
  •  Quality program services
  •  Professional service orientation
  •  Integrity in keeping client information confidential
  •  Experienced and knowledgeable personnel
  •  Excellent systems and documents
  • Personal attention with our clients’ interests in mind


* Member of the Washington State Bar, and not other States(e.g. Oregon, California, Colorado...)